Semantic UI#

If you feel like opting in for the Laracogs starter kit. You also have a great option for the views with Semantic UI. You can blast through the initial building of an app and hit the groud running! Utilizing the Semantic UI components.

php artisan laracogs:semantic

After installation is complete you will need to install semantic-ui:

'npm install semantic-ui'

When prompted, select automatic detection. When prompted, select your project location, default should be fine. When prompted, set the directory to: semantic

Then run:

'cd semantic && gulp build'

Then run:

'cd ../ && npm run dev'

Make sure you set the PagesController@dashboard to use the following view:


Finished setting up semantic-ui in your app

The command will overwrite any existing files with the semantic version of them:

What Semantic Publishes#

  • resources/views/
    • user/
      • meta.blade.php
      • password.blade.php
      • settings.blade.php
    • admin/
      • users/
        • edit.blade.php
        • index.blade.php
        • invite.blade.php
    • auth/
      • login.blade.php
      • password.blade.php
      • register.blade.php
      • reset.blade.php
    • dashboard/
      • main.blade.php
      • panel.blade.php
    • emails/
      • new-user.blade.php
      • password.blade.php
    • errors/
      • 404.blade.php
      • 503.blade.php
    • partials/
      • errors.blade.php
      • message.blade.php
    • team/
      • create.blade.php
      • edit.blade.php
      • index.blade.php
      • show.blade.php