The docs generator is a very easy to use tool to generate a micro-site of your business rules documentation. You can create basic markdown templates with one command and build the micro-site with another. You can also very easily generate a config for Sami to create documentation for your application's core structure.

Create Template#

php artisan laracogs:docs create {name}

A markdown file will be made in: documentation/rules/. The rule builder will only go one layer deep in terms of a folder structure.

Build Business Rules Site#

php artisan laracogs:docs build

The microsite will be generated in the following directory: documentation/build/rules/. It will utilize the markdown files found in: documentation/rules/

Create Sami Config#

php artisan laracogs:docs sami

Laracogs will create a SAMI config and provide the commands required to run the build of the API docs. You will then find the new API documentation site: documentation/build/api